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50 Satoshi-era Bitcoins, Worth $527,120, moved to the Hot Wallet of a Cryptocurrency Exchange



50 Satoshi-era Bitcoins, Worth $527,120, moved to the Hot Wallet of a Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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Someone has just transferred 50 Satoshi-era Bitcoins to the hot wallet of Bitfinex crypto-monetary exchange, today at $527,120. The owner has been on these coins for a decade. As a result, the owner had to wait to transfer the coins to the cryptocurrency exchange until Friday night.

The transfer was closely monitored by BTCparser, a Telegrams bot which traverses Bitcoin transactions. The holders of those 50 bitcoins will have made half a million dollars in pure profit by selling the whole stash on Bitfinex. 


In 2010, Bitcoin had little to pay for and was very cheap and easy to mine because of its popularity. The coins known as “Satoshi-era” coins since the pseudonymous founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, conducts Bitcoin’s forums in the creation of Bitcoin at the period.

The last time someone changed coins and made waves was in May, when in February 2009 someone pushed 50 coins. Binance and Coinbase shared a large portion of the revenue. Some people claim that because Bitcoin wasn’t common, Satoshi himself, or close associates, mined Bitcoins from that period. Others denied, though, that it was just an outdated Bitcoin that accumulated the ashes.Some are related to price transfers.

There are many prospects with this major move. This is evidently fantastic for Bitcoin because a number of professionals and traders feel that a bull is on the move. In May, after this shift, Bitcoin decreased by 7 percent. Since coins moved last night, Bitcoin fell from 10,642 to 10,410 by just 2 percent. Decrypt reports that the decline in btc price connects to market impact of the Seychelles BitMEX (and the ensuing Bitcoin dumps). Similarly, federal prosecution, or even the report of Trump’s coronavirus may explain such a dip. 

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1 Comment

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