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Finding the most promising Cryptocurrencies in 2022 require due diligence. The Cryptocurrency space promises financial fortunes to those who do their research and apply knowledge while investing.

Despite the market volatility and fluctuations, several people are still interested in trying their luck in the decentralized financial ecosystem. 

However, just keep in mind that it is risky and you could lose everything or see your value sliced 98% overnight. 

On the flip side, you could become an overnight millionaire as well. This is why cryptocurrencies are interesting.

Unlike the dollars, rupees, pounds, or yen, top cryptocurrencies inject a more substantial element of speculation into the financial market. 

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Since Bitcoin made its wave in 2009, the stock market and national fiat currencies have been widely threatened. Regardless, crypto popularity continues to grow.

Various factors like set regulations and institutional adoption trigger the price of crypto assets to new highs and lows. Top crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, have not been left out in these fluctuations.

This article features the top 5 promising  cryptocurrencies that will make great profits in the remainder of 2022. From the bottom-up, they are:


In the world of blockchains, ChainLink is one of the first to allow the integration of off-chain data into smart contracts with an Oracle network. 

It enables blockchains to connect with external data and transactions securely. On account of its applications, experts predict an upward chart for it because its technology is crucial for the advancements of smart contracts. 


Dogecoin emerged out of a meme, but quite rapidly it became something that could gather a growing community of loyal supporters. Despite its whimsical beginnings, SHIB emerged as one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market with big selling points. 

The community also created an NFT project back in 2021 about SHIB that has enabled it to gain more attraction from investors.


What started as a meme now serves a purpose. Dogecoin’s main usage has now become a mode for tipping people online who share useful information or are just hilarious. 

Over the past year, Dogecoin has been in the news for several reasons, there was the Reddit fiasco one time and the viral trend of Elon Musk becoming a ‘Dogefather’. This popularity is predicted to continue, boosting its price slowly but surely. 



Ethereum was the first major project to introduce smart contracts. These smart contracts allow developers to launch mobile and desktop decentralized applications (dApps) on top of the blockchain. 

Thousands of tokens run on the Ethereum network, and it is these tokens that spurred the initial coin offering (ICO) movement. 

With its recent plan to move to Proof-of-Stake, experts say that Ethereum would make a good return on interest in the coming months.

It is one of the most promising crypto currencies to hold.


Bitcoin remains more popular than every other crypto asset. It is the first successful blockchain-based currency to hit the financial market. 

Crypto investors have been trying to figure out the next Bitcoin to get their hands on but Bitcoin dominance still remains. 

The King of crypto assets, as it is fondly called, has hit multiple lows this year but it continues to be the most promising crypto asset to hold.

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