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4 days After Launch, Users on EOS Based DEFI Beats Compound DEFI



Defi has turned to the number one topic in most crypto forums and it seems to be the main killer app for blockchain platforms in 2020. As the defi bubble erupts around the world, the leading decentralized finance project compound, was leading in in terms of usage and market capitalisation.

Compound still has a higher marketcap than most of its competitors, its total valuation has dropped to from. apeak of $890 million to$410 million, losing half of its market capitalisation.


While its market valuation still remains bigger than 90% of all other defi, compound seems to be losing users to newer Defi, such as DEFIS on the EOS blockchain.

What is DEFI ?

In this video, Samuel Joseph simply explains what Decentralized Finance is and made a price prediction for Compound token.

Disclaimer: please note that the information in this video is not an investment advise , the prediction will only work if all parameters stated in the video holds.

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