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Here are twelve (12) Steps to be successful in all you wish to do. These steps might look very easy, but I guarantee your success if you follow each of them.

Have a Pen and a Book

Having your writing material beside you always is one of the most important steps anyone shouldn’t over look if they really want to be successful; as ideas, thoughts and visions will come to your mind and you don’t want to lose them. 

Write what you want to do

It is very vital that when those things, ideas, visions, goals, plans, and dreams come to your mind whenever you think of how successful you want to become, you have to be responsible enough to write them down.

To Do List

Have a To Do List pasted around you for the things you need to do every day and by so doing, you will be mindful not to waste your time with things that are not on your list.

Be determined 

Determination itself is a goal getter. It has this spirit that makes you willing to want to achieve almost anything.

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Don’t procrastinate (Do what is on your list)

If you have already written out the plans to make you a success then why skip anyone of them if you truly want to achieve it?

Don’t cancel from your list

When you try to do the things you’ve written, some of it may not work the way you planed, but that doesn’t mean it will never work; so instead of cancelling that task, why not restrategize?

Be discipline

One of the biggest problem people have that makes them unsuccessful is lack of discipline after they’ve started whatever it is they wanted to do. They either get bored or distracted or stop half way after one achievement. Be discipline enough to continue with what you’ve started.

Be persistent

The place of persistency cannot be overemphasized. You need to continue with whatever you’ve started until you accomplish your goal.

Refuse distraction

Distractions will come from left, right and center, from friends, previous jobs, even family but you shouldn’t heed to such voices of distraction. Be focused!

Be consistent

Consistency is what creates a lasting impression and brand; otherwise, what you’ve done before will be forgotten. There is always room to do more.

Write again

By this time you must have achieved most of the things on your list and then you have to paint a bigger picture; so start writing again.

Follow all the steps again

Here’s and extra step for you and the most important, without which you won’t be able you achieve more, and that is:


Before you do any of these steps, you should pray and commit your plans/heart desires to your maker which is in heaven and he will make all you want possible (Mark 11: 22 -23)

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